Our Conciliators

CRG conciliators are RW360 Certified Relational Conciliators™, Certified Relational Wisdom Instructors™, and Certified Christian Conciliators™ serving on the Institute for Christian Conciliation panel of mediators and arbitrators.


David Schlachter
Attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and instructor

David is a veteran attorney of 30 years with an extensive background serving businesses, providing mediation and arbitration services. He brings a transformative, faith-based model to help individuals and organizations with complex business disputes as well as organizational and leadership conflicts. He helps clients address the issues which are threatening their ability to lead their organizations and businesses, while also helping individuals repair and restore relationships necessary to reach a lasting resolution.

David D. Schlachter Resume (PDF)


Allison Pickering
Conciliator, counselor, consultant, speaker, and instructor

Allison’s work with very complex marriage, family, church, and organizational conflict cases give her valuable insight into identifying key areas that can move conflict resolution forward.  Her background in ministry stems from 18 years with an international campus ministry and serving in a key role on three church planting teams. She understands the perspective of individuals in conflict as well as the structures and priorities of organizations and churches.

Allison Pickering Resume (PDF)


Paul Cornwell
Pastor and Conciliator

Paul has over 30 years of ministry experience, serving as a lead pastor of four congregations. He was the founding pastor of two churches and served three churches in a staff position early in his ministry. Paul founded two ministries to assist Christians and their churches to follow Christ effectively. Paul’s foundational spiritual gift of teaching has proven to be highly effective in communicating the truth of God’s Word resulting in life transformation. His spiritual guidance mix includes the gifts of leadership, faith, wisdom, encouragement, and discernment. His ministry has the purpose of creating health in the local church, something to which he has committed his life.

Paul Cornwell Resume (PDF)


Brent Amato

Brent has practiced business and corporate law in the Chicago area since 1976 and recently retired from serving as the general counsel vice president for Heritage-Crystal Clean, a publicly traded company. He has served the Christian organizational and church community for over 40 years:

  • Christian Legal Society – former president and board member, primarily in law student ministries
  • Peacemaker Ministries – certified conciliator, mentor, and teacher
  • Chairman of a Christian elementary and junior high school
  • Business Law adjunct professor at Judson University
  • Deacon and elder of his local church

In local churches, he has taught all ages, from junior high to senior adults. He has co-authored a teacher-training course for churches and authored Teaching Tips for Standard Publishing and Fellow-Traveling for One-On-One Men’s Ministry. Brent currently serves as a part-time staff member with Christian Legal Society, working with lawyers and law students; a part-time staff member of Gospel Justice Initiative, providing support for a nationwide ministry of Christian Legal Aid; and an affiliate with Crossroads Resolution Group. He continues to preach and teach in churches, provide training for Bible teachers, and be active in men’s ministries and Fellow-Traveling.

Brent is married, the father of two children and grandfather to four. For more information, visit his website at www.BrentAmato.com.

Brent Amato Resume (PDF)


Gary Wright
Attorney and Certified Christian Conciliator™

Gary has been practicing law and serving as a mediator in Central Florida for 25 years and has been a Certified Christian Conciliator™ since 2007. Previously an officer in the U.S. Air Force, prosecutor with the State Attorney’s Office, and partner in a general practice law firm, he has owned his own law and mediation practice in DeBary, Florida, since 2003.

Gary and his lovely wife Lauren have four adult children. He also serves as an advisor to the peacemaking team at his church, Northland: A Church Distributed, in Longwood, Florida.

Areas of Focus:

  • Alternative dispute resolution through Christian Peacemaking Resources and Crossroads Resolution Group
  • Elder Law – Wills, Trusts, Probate and Guardianship
  • Mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court in civil and family law
  • Certified Christian Conciliator™ through Peacemaker Ministries

Gary Wright Resume (PDF)


Steve Hatcher
Attorney and Certified Christian Conciliator™

Steve is a Certified Christian Conciliator™ and has practiced law for over 30 years, primarily dealing with business and financial transactions as well as estate and tax planning for wealthy families. He is experienced in dealing with business technicalities, as well as the underlying emotions that are involved in every conflict situation. He has been on both sides of the table in numerous business and family settings, enabling him to be objective and help those deep in conflict to find a resolution that not only makes business sense but also restores and protects the most valuable asset involved: the hearts and relationships that need repair. Steve can help you gain clarity, understanding, and eventual resolution to even the most complex disputes.

Steve Hatcher Resume (PDF)


Roger L. Duerksen
Pastor, Business Owner, and Certified Christian Conciliator™

Roger serves as an organizational conflict resolution specialist, mentor, and spiritual life coach to leaders and to individuals in all stages of their spiritual journey. He has nearly 40 years of experience serving leaders in business, churches, and nonprofit organizations. His 25 years as a Christian CEO and business owner, along with his years as a church elder and later a vocational pastor, have given him insights into dealing with personal and corporate conflict management and reconciliation.

For nearly all of his adult life, Roger has been growing in understanding and integrating his Christian values into the core processes of personal, business, and organizational decision-making and leadership. Integrating the truth of Scripture into personal and professional life approaches is at the heart of Roger’s influence in the lives of those he is privileged to serve.

He is a servant whose life is dedicated to assisting others to know and practice Christ-infused and Christ-dependent living, and to redefine conflict as an opportunity to know God more deeply and to glorify Him more fully.

Roger Duerksen Resume (PDF)


Richard Stein
Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator, and Instructor

Richard (Rick) has a background in transactional business law. Currently, he works for the Christian Missionary Alliance USA, an association of churches throughout the US.  He serves as their Director of Reconciliation, overseeing training and providing conciliation (mediation) services and training to churches within the Association.  He has helped churches address unresolved conflict and reach resolutions for more than 10 years as the volunteer leader of Salem Alliance Church’s conciliation ministry in Oregon. He has also served Peacemaker Ministries and CRG.

Richard Stein Resume (PDF)

Steve Beck head shot (1)

Steve Beck
Certified Christian Conciliator™ and Skills Trainer

Steve served in cross-cultural mission and church ministry leadership for over 20 years, personally experiencing both the barriers and the breakthroughs of interpersonal and organizational conflict. As a Certified Christian Conciliator™, Steve is now enjoying a new career in conflict resolution, serving individuals, families, and organizations in a wide variety of cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and religious settings. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Reformed Theological Seminary, Steve and his family are currently based in North Carolina. When he’s not making peace, he loves making acoustic music and Carolina barbecue.

Steve Beck Resume (PDF)