Churches & Ministries

Whether you are a pastor, church leader, or denominational official, you may not be sure how to proceed or where to turn when your church (or churches) are in conflict. Crossroads Resolution Group helps you faithfully address threats to the viability and effectiveness of your ministry. Below are listed the services we provide to churches who need assistance.  Please let us know if we can assist you.

Leadership Coaching

Church leaders, pastors, elders, and ministry team leaders, all face daily challenges in leading individuals well.  This involves knowing how to navigate the relationships between team members and addressing the differences that naturally exist within all leadership teams.  Our conciliators, as Certified Christian Conciliators™ and Certified Relational Wisdom Conciliators™ provide ongoing coaching by phone, video conference, and in person to help leaders be as effective as possible in their ministry of sharing the Gospel.

Conflict Assistance


The leadership and key participants provide information concerning the challenges being faced by the church. Our church consultant conducts consultation conference calls to ensure a complete understanding of the issues, including who is involved and how it is impacting the congregation and community.

The consultant completes an assessment of the situation and provides a description of that assessment verbally. He/she surveys the significant individuals involved; discovers if the issues have become leadership-based issues; and determines how the congregation is involved. The consultant answers questions to clarify the assessment, and then provides an Action Plan, including a proposal for on-site work, if desired.

On-site Assistance

We work with the church or ministry leadership, staff, or members, determined by the nature of the situation or conflict, at your church(es) or ministry location. We provide a holistically designed process which may include introductory teaching of the principles guiding our work and the resolution of the conflicts, along with in-depth coaching interviews with the individuals involved, assistance in mediating small- and large-group disagreements. We also help plan and assist in reporting results to the larger membership if appropriate and the creation of a long-term plan for future growth and creation of a culture of peace.

On-going Assistance and Check-ups

We provide long-term check-ups and consultation to help you incorporate the investment of the on-site assessment into a long-term plan and growth.


We provide facilitated conversations between individuals within the church or organizational leadership to address unresolved conflicts to resolve substantive issues and to seek the reconciliation of relationships.


We can help the church or organization seek resolution of substantive issues, in a legally binding process that seeks to protect the relationships of the parties.


Pastoral Intensives

Pastors hold a pivotal and unique position in our churches and communities and face unique challenges. Pastors must manage issues of doctrinal and personality differences and build relationships with the leadership of the church.

A Pastoral Intensive is a unique program designed to meet the needs of pastors and their families.

Pastoral intensives always involve the pastor and his wife and are designed to help determine if the pastor is achieving the relational, emotional, and spiritual health necessary to be effective in his pastoral role.

The intensive is designed to develop a plan for achieving these objectives.

Pastoral Intensives provide biblical counseling and conciliation. Pastors and their wives gain insight into their situations with highly experienced and skilled conciliators in sessions which provide a safe and respectful environment.

The ultimate goal of biblical counseling is to help others grow in faith, knowledge, and love for Jesus Christ as He increasingly transforms them into His likeness.


More Information

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Equipping and Training Services

We seek to provide the churches, organizations, and individuals we assist with the long-term skills and abilities to address future conflict in a manner that is consistent with biblical principles. You will have the opportunity to learn these skills and develop plans for putting them into practice as part of your church culture, as well as your personal and family life.

We use Relational Wisdom as well as Peacemaking experience, knowledge, and skills to assist you. In addition to customized equipping sessions, we teach these skills through seminars, workshops, retreats and ongoing coaching, consulting or group study relating specifically to leadership, church and organizational life, business, marriage and family.

The following are specific equipping and training opportunities we offer:

Relational Conflict Resolution Workshop

This is an interactive workshop designed to equip the members of a church, ministry, organization, or family to apply the basic principles of addressing unresolved conflict in a Biblically faithful manner, preserving relationships and the unity of the church or ministry.

We believe that Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21-25, that his disciples experience unity with each other and with the Father, directs churches to equip their leadership, members, and the organizations and families of their members to address conflict and its impact, to help a watching world understand who God is and what he offers them through his Son.

Relational Coaching Workshop

This workshop equips the participant to coach others in the church, organization, or family as they work through unresolved conflict. This workshop is designed to equip the church or organization to provide assistance with their own staff.

The workshop uses targeted teaching, examples, and hands-on experiences to prepare you to help effectively. You will learn to listen for issues of the heart and redemptively apply the Gospel to yourself and to others.

You will be equipped with the principles and practical knowledge you need to faithfully guide those God puts in your path.

Discover Relational Wisdom Seminar

This interactive seminar is designed to provide an introduction to relational wisdom. Along with teaching, it involves viewing and analysis of numerous video clips, group discussions, and application exercises. It provides a foundation for relationships, so that individuals are able to recognize and improve their understanding of God’s guidance in their relationships. It allows understanding of how others see and respond to you, and how you relate to others. These foundations teach how to reduce situations which strain or damage relationships and how to rebuild relationships as part of reconciliation.

Our conciliators are certified Relational Wisdom Instructors™. For more detailed information on this workshop and online course opportunities visit Relational Wisdom’s website.

Custom Training of Leaders

We provide custom-designed workshops and retreats to help elders, church leaders, and ministry teams address leadership challenges.  Contact us and we can help you assess and determine the workshop or assistance that will most effectively meet your needs.


One of the key areas of assistance to a church as it seeks to address unresolved conflict differently and create a relational foundation for this work, is to engage in on-going conversations and coaching with one of our conciliators.  We provide services which provide regular and as-needed video conference with leaders as they seek to imbed biblical principles for resolving conflict and engaging in relational wisdom into the culture of their church.

We also provide regular check ups and follow up visits as you execute your plan, to provide on-going equipping and support.

Denominational Consulting

Crossroads Resolution believes that creating a conciliation ministry focus within a denomination’s or association’s organizational structure, as well as within its individual churches is an important component of serving denominations and associations.  When this focus exists, entire denominations or associations have the ability to address church-based conflicts within local churches.

We provide the denomination or association with a plan to become fully equipped to deliver conflict assistance services with its own staff and trained volunteers, under the guidance and mentoring of our experienced Certified Christian Conciliator™ Team Leads. We also provide Church Assistance. 

What Arbitration Can and Cannot Do

Arbitration may be used to resolve a broad range of issues. However, arbitration may not be used to resolve all legal issues including:

  • Issues that are solely within the jurisdiction of the family (e.g., how to teach or discipline children)
  • Issues that are solely within the jurisdiction of the church (e.g., determining doctrine, calling or dismissing a pastor, or exercising church discipline).
  • Issues in which civil courts will not relinquish jurisdiction (e.g., child custody, support, and visitation).

We do, however, provide a process to help the elders of a church address these issues while reserving the jurisdiction for the decision with the church.