Conflict Assistance for Churches, Organizations, and Businesses

Crossroads Resolution Group meets churches, organizations, and businesses where they are in whatever conflicts they are experiencing. Our assistance ranges from initial consulting and assessment, to conflict coaching, to more in-depth, on-site conflict assistance in the form of facilitated discussions, mediations, teaching and equipping for the future.  Each end of the spectrum of assistance involves our consultant listening to your specific conflict, needs, and hopes.  On-site work is provided through a team of trained and experienced Certified Christian Conciliators™ who help identify and clarify key areas the organization needs to address, wrestle with, and/or confront related to current conflicts.

Our team will also equip the organization to better face future conflicts with the focus on building a Culture of Peace™. Below are brief descriptions of services and assistance Crossroads Resolution Group offers:


Conflict Coaching

Conflict Resolution Services

  • Mediation ~ Personal or Small Group meetings
  • Mediation ~ Group Discussions and Problem Solving
  • Mediation ~ Organization Discussions and Problem Solving
  • Arbitration


    • Workplace & Team Conflict Equipping

On-going Assistance and Consulting