Teaching your Congregation

Within the organization or business setting, teaching and encouraging employees and volunteers to apply biblical principles for resolving conflict in their personal lives and at work brings a more productive and effective team environment.

This service provides teaching the basic principles for effective conflict resolution to the entire church or ministry organization, providing an understanding and ability to apply the principles in their personal as well as corporate conflicts.  This is presented in the form of a seminar with participant guides, or in a customized teaching through  an “application workshop ”.

We can provide you with suggested resources to teach basic principles to all of your employees, volunteers, and members through a self-administered or facilitated DVD based study (Resolving Everyday Conflict) covering the basic principles with group discussion.

We also offer equipping/training services for individuals within the organization to provide conflict coaching and mediation using the organization’s staff as the conflict coaches and/or mediators.  This equipping is available for training supervisors and managers to be effective conflict coaches to those they lead, and for staff who will serve as more formal conflict coaches and mediators.  This training is offered through our partner organization, Peacemaker Ministries.