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Equipping & Training

Equipping & Training Services

We seek to provide churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, mission organizations, educational institutions and individuals with the long-term skills and abilities to address future conflict in a manner that is consistent with biblical principles. Through our training, you will have the opportunity to learn these skills and develop plans for putting conflict resolution and reconciliation principles into practice as part of your organizational culture, as well as your personal life. We use Relational Wisdom 360 materials combined with our peacemaking experience, knowledge, and skills to assist you. Training is offered through customized equipping sessions, seminars, workshops, retreats and ongoing coaching, consulting, and group study.

Conflict Management Seminars

Pursuing Peace Together Seminar

Intended Audience: Businesses, Organizations, Mission Teams, Ministry Teams, Leaders, and Families

This seminar focuses on the importance of pursuing peace with one another as directed in Hebrews 12:14 – 15. This 6-hour seminar explores the anatomy of conflict and the theological and relational framework for pursuing peace. It incorporates the biblical principles for reconciliation as well as resolving conflicts, coupled with the biblical wisdom for doing so in the context of relationships. This seminar is designed for the entire congregation as the community.

This material is also used for interactive leadership workshops designed to help leaders apply these principles and to develop a culture of peace within the church.

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Discover Relational Wisdom & Conflict Resolution Seminar

Intended Audience: Churches, Organizations, Businesses, Families, and Leaders

This interactive seminar is designed to provide an introduction to relational wisdom and foundational principles for conflict resolution. Along with teaching, it involves the viewing and analysis of numerous video clips, group discussions, and application exercises. It provides a foundation for relationships, so that individuals are able to recognize and improve their understanding of God’s guidance in their relationships. It allows understanding of how others see and respond to you, and how you relate to others. These foundations teach how to reduce situations which strain or damage relationships and how to rebuild relationships as part of reconciliation.

This seminar is offered using faith-based participant curriculum, or a value-based curriculum developed by Relational Wisdom 360. These materials are also offered by RW360 as an online course for your employees, volunteers, or members.

Our conciliators are certified Relational Wisdom Instructors™.

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Conflict Resolution Workshops

Relational Conflict Resolution Workshop

Intended Audience: Individuals within a Business, Church, Ministry, Organization, or Family

This is an interactive workshop designed to equip the members of a business, church, ministry, organization, or family to apply the basic principles of addressing unresolved conflict in a biblically faithful manner, preserving relationships and the unity of the church or ministry.

We believe Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21-25 – that his disciples experience unity with each other and with the Father, direct churches to equip their leadership, and help a watching world understand who God is and what he offers them through his Son.

Relational Coaching Workshop

Intended Audience: Leaders within a Business, Church, Ministry, or Organization

This workshop equips the participant to coach others in the church, organization, or family as they work through unresolved conflict. This workshop is designed to equip businesses, churches, and organizations to provide assistance with their own staff or members.

The workshop uses targeted teaching, examples, and hands-on experiences to prepare you to help effectively. You will learn to listen for issues of the heart and redemptively apply the Gospel to yourself and others. You will be equipped with the principles and practical knowledge you need to faithfully guide those whom God puts in your path.

Custom Training & Coaching

Custom Leadership Training

Intended Audience: Church and Business Leaders,  Leadership Teams, and Elders

We provide custom-designed workshops and retreats to help leaders and teams address leadership and team challenges. We also provide continuing education and skill development for church conciliation teams. Contact us and we can help you assess and determine the workshop or assistance that will most effectively meet your needs.

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Training Resources

Institute for Christian Conciliation

ICC, the Institute for Christian Conciliation, seeks to boldly proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ by supporting peacemaking communities in resolving legal and personal conflicts and reconciling relationships in a biblically faithful manner. The ICC provides training in conflict coaching, mediation, arbitration as well as certification of Christian Conciliators.


Relational Wisdom 360, a ministry partner of CRG, provides training in the areas of relational wisdom and conflict resolution.  Relational wisdom, in essence, is the desire and ability to obey Jesus’ timeless command, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart … and love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:37-39).

In modern terms, relational wisdom may be defined as your ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret this information in the light of God’s Word, and to use these insights to manage your responses and relationships successfully.

RW360 training includes live seminarson-line trainingcertified instructor training, and custom speaking.  The training provides biblical truth for relationships and resolving conflict using a biblically express format as well as a values-based format for secular settings.

We encourage you to consider RW360’s training as you address the concerns and situations you are facing.

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Ambassadors of Reconciliation

Ambassadors of Reconciliation is an international ministry founded to help Christians and their churches in carrying out their peacemaking responsibilities as Christ’s ambassadors. Its mission is to equip Christians and their churches for living, proclaiming and cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation.

AoR provides a complete line of Seminars and Courses that provide a deeper understanding of reconciling relationships in the wake of conflict, as well as skills development using a biblical approach.

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