Group / Organizational Mediation

The core assistance provided in this service entails meeting with parties in conflict and helping them move toward a voluntary resolution/ agreement. This service is designed to help churches, organizations, and businesses or workplace groups address situations which are resulting in conflicts that are impacting the working relationships within teams and individuals within the organization.  This service is also used when assisting families in conflict.

The meetings are face-to-face discussions, facilitated by a trained, Certified Christian Conciliator™ or team of conciliators. The specific resolution service will depend on the number of people or groups involved.  Generally the resolution service is in the form of pre-meeting coaching of the parties independently, followed by mediation or facilitated discussion.  The process follows the guidelines outlined in The Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation.

It is designed to assist the groups to discuss the issues that are creating division and loss of team cooperation, leading them to reach agreements on the issues for improved work and collaboration in the future.  The participants

  • seek an understanding of each other’s positions and interests
  • explore and address each party’s contribution to the dispute
  • lead to personal reconciliation, and
  • explore and evaluate solutions to the dispute

The process is designed to promote constructive dialogue and encourage a voluntary settlement of the parties’ differences, both substantive as well as reconciliation of relational issues. During mediation, the parties retain control over the final outcome, and the mediators act only as facilitators, helping the parties reach final agreements on the issues.  Discussions and conclusions of the proceedings are confidential pursuant to Rule 16  of The Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation.

It usually involves a team of conciliators who are on site for several days, during which time they meet extensively with all of the individuals and groups of people involved in the conflict(s).

Group Discussions and Problem Solving

This process is often coupled with Group/Organizational Mediation.  It uses an “Application Workshop” format, with the conciliator helping the group identify and consider the issues which are creating conflict within their team or group.  These issues are addressed by the group, under the facilitation of the conciliator, to allow the group to apply the principles of biblical conflict resolution to the situation, discuss their respective roles, and search and reach resolution and reconciliation within the group.

Please see our example case studies.