Leadership Services

Organizational and Group Mediation  – Face-to-face discussions, facilitated by a trained, Certified Christian Conciliator™ or team of conciliators. It is designed to address interpersonal dynamics and issues that are creating division or loss of team cooperation, in order to reach reconciliation and improve collaboration.

Group Discussions and Problem-Solving – Through an “Application Workshop” format, group members work with a conciliator to identify issues and reach resolutions through tested problem-solving principles consistent with the Bible.  This allows groups to build and improve the necessary relationships of their team while solving the conflicts or disagreements they face.

Teaching & Equipping  – After reaching resolutions of existing issues, CRG can equip leadership with the skills to address future conflicts on their own. We can:

  • Present seminars, training sessions and application workshops
  • Provide participant guides and DVD-based studies
  • Train conflict coaches
  • Offer ongoing assistance, coaching, and consulting

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