Mediation & Arbitration Resources

The following articles are helpful and may be accessed through Peacemaker Ministries’ web page:

Christian Conciliation Part One, Two, Three

A Case for Reconciliation

The High Cost of Conflict

  • Preventative Law Within Faith Community
  • The Cross and Criticism
  • The God We Can Trust
  • Christian Conciliation Alternative to ADR Part One, Two, Three
  • Peacemaking Can Preserve Staff, Money and Mission
  • God, Conflict, and Zealous Advocacy
  • Dangers of Good Advocacy

The following books are helpful and can be purchased through Peacemaker Ministries

The Peacemaker 3rd Edition, Ken Sande, Baker Books 1992

Resolving Everyday Conflict, Kevin Johnson, Ken Sande, Baker Books, 2011

 Helpful DVD based studies available through Peacemaker Ministries

Resolving Everyday Conflict

The Leadership Opportunity

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