Our Conciliators

CRG conciliators are Certified RW Conciliators™ and Certified Relational Wisdom Instructors™ and serve as conciliators with Relational Wisdom 360. They are also Certified Christian Conciliators™ and serve on the Institute for Christian Conciliation panel of mediators and arbitrators.


David Schlachter
Attorney, mediator, arbitrator, and instructor

David is a veteran attorney of 42 years with an extensive background serving businesses, providing mediation and arbitration services. He is a principal of Crossroads Resolution Group LLC under which he provides these services. He brings a transformative, faith-based model to help individuals and organizations with complex business disputes as well as organizational and leadership conflicts. He helps clients address the issues which are threatening their ability to lead their organizations and businesses, while also helping individuals repair and restore relationships necessary to reach a lasting resolution. David provides both in-person assistance and on-line virtual assistance as necessary.

David D. Schlachter Resume (PDF)


Allison Pickering
Conciliator, counselor, consultant, speaker, and instructor

Allison’s work with very complex marriage, family, church, and organizational conflict cases give her valuable insight into identifying key areas that can move conflict resolution forward.  Her background in ministry stems from 18 years with an international campus ministry and serving in a key role on three church planting teams. She understands the perspective of individuals in conflict as well as the structures and priorities of organizations and churches.

Allison Pickering Resume (PDF)

Patrick Drury
Chief Executive Officer, Conciliator, Pastor, Consultant, and Instructor

Patrick has 24 years of experience in pastoral ministry and has served as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Interim Pastor. His B.A. in Psychology and Master of Divinity have fueled his passion to see the Word of God being applied in brokenness. Patrick has a deep desire to help conflicted people experience the hope and healing of the gospel through redemptive peacemaking processes and principles.

Patrick Drury Resume (PDF)



Gary Wright
Attorney and Conciliator

Gary has been practicing law and serving as a mediator in central Florida for over 30 years and has been a Certified Christian Conciliator ™ since 2007. Previously an officer in the U.S. Air Force, prosecutor with the State Attorney’s Office, and partner in a general practice law firm, he owned his own law and mediation practice in DeBary, Florida from 2003 to 2021, when he retired from the practice of law.

Gary and his wife Lauren have four adult children and seven grandchildren. He also is active with the prayer team, teaches Biblical peacemaking at his church, Summit Church, in Lake Mary, Florida, and serves on the board of directors of John Knox Village of Central Florida, Inc., a not-for-profit continuing care retirement center.

Gary Wright Resume (PDF)

John Aden Long
Pastor and Conciliator

John is the Lead Pastor at Grace Harbor in Sitka, Alaska. Grace Harbor serves the Christian Community in Southeast Alaska.

John has extensive experience helping people navigate conflicted situations. He worked for nearly 25 years for the State Government in the arena of Salmon Harvest Management on the West Coast. John also worked for an Association of nearly 250 churches in the Pacific Northwest as the Director of Church Development where he served as a conflict coach and lead church crisis intervention cases. John also teaches conflict transformation, peacemaking, relational wisdom, and reconciliation principles at Convergence in Portland, OR.

John Aden Long Resume (PDF)


Peter John Louie
Attorney and Conciliator

Peter is an attorney, having practiced law in Virginia Beach, VA since 2011. His passion and desire are to help Christians practice peacemaking as part of their living out their hope in Christ Jesus, responding to conflict differently than the world. He has served this passion through his internship with Peacemaker Ministries and serving as a conciliator in individual and church conflicts. He also started and directs bereconciled.com to encourage Christians to practice peacemaking.

Peter John Louie Resume (PDF)


Melissa Wardle
Candidate Conciliator

Melissa has practiced peacemaking for 12+ years among homeschool families, her local church and education-based groups while holding a variety of leadership roles within these communities.  She studied peacemaking in college and graduated with a B.S. in Communication. After graduation, she was introduced to Christian peacemaking principles and saw transformation in her own life as she applied the gospel of peace to her own challenges. Since then, she has taught, coached and encouraged many people facing challenging relational situations. She is inspired to continue in this work because she loves to see relationships transformed, built up and strengthened as people grow in relational wisdom and apply peacemaking principles in their relationships. These experiences have planted deep within Melissa a compelling desire to come alongside those who feel they have exhausted other options of help and provide them with a Christ-centered path toward peace.  Melissa is currently a candidate for certification with The Institute for Christian Conciliation, as well as certification with Relational Wisdom 360.  She anticipates completing the same in late 2023.  Melissa is located in Southeast Wisconsin.

Melissa Wardle Resume (PDF)