Pastoral Intensives

Pastors hold a pivotal and unique position in our churches and communities and face unique challenges. Pastors must manage issues of doctrine, personality conflicts, and build relationships with the leadership of the church.

A Pastoral Intensive is a unique program designed to meet the needs of pastors and their families.

Pastoral intensives:

Pastoral intensives always involve the pastor and his wife and are designed to help determine if the pastor is achieving the relational, emotional, and spiritual health necessary to be effective in his pastoral role.

The intensive is designed to develop a plan for achieving these objectives.

Pastoral Intensives provide biblical counseling and conciliation. Pastors and their wives gain insight into their situations with highly experienced and skilled conciliators in sessions which provide a safe and respectful environment.

The ultimate goal of biblical counseling is to help others grow in faith, knowledge, and love for Jesus Christ as He increasingly transforms them into His likeness.

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