When individuals are in disagreement, misunderstanding, or have offended or been offended, the first step is to address the situation one-to-one.  You should go to that person and try to work out your differences personally and privately (see Matthew. 5:23-24; 18:15).

If repeated efforts to resolve a dispute in private do not succeed, the Bible teaches that you should seek assistance from other Christians in resolving the matter. (Philippians 4:2,3; Mathew 18:16)   Crossroads Resolution Group meets churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals where they are, in whatever conflicts they are experiencing. Our assistance covers a spectrum of assistance.  We start with assessment and consulting, and conflict coaching, leading to more in-depth assistance.  This assistance may include on-site conflict assistance in the form of facilitated discussions, mediations, arbitration, as well as teaching and equipping for the future.

Each end of the spectrum of assistance involves our consultant listening to your specific conflict, needs, and hopes.  On-site work is provided through a team of trained and experienced Certified Christian Conciliators™ who help identify and clarify key areas you need to address, wrestle with, and/or confront related to current conflicts.