Team Conciliator Panel

When your church or organization engages Crossroads Resolution Group, we will assemble a qualified team that fits your needs. We use the services of Certified Christian Conciliators™ who have been trained in organizational conflict resolution processes and dynamics, and who have worked closely with our organization.

The team may include:

  • Team lead: A Certified Christian Conciliator™ who has excellent leadership, teaching, and coaching skills serves as the spokesperson for the team and oversees the process.
  • Team members: Team members will be Certified Christian Conciliators™ or candidates in the certification program. Each will demonstrate excellent Conflict Coaching skills.


Who they are

  • Allison
  • Kristen
  • Bob Jones
  • Bill Ratliff
  • Gary Wright
  • Christian Muntean
  • Dwight Schettler
  • Annette Friesen