Types of Organizational Disputes

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Christian conciliation has been used to settle a wide variety of disputes, including contract, employment, family, personal injury, church, landlord-tenant, real estate, creditor-debtor, and professional conflicts. The monetary claims in these cases have ranged from nothing to several million dollars.

Case examples include:

  • A homeowner accuses a builder of doing defective work
  • An employee claims that she was improperly fired from her job
  • The owners of a business can’t agree on how to divide its assets
  • A partner in an oil and gas development venture believes he has been defrauded
  • A patient alleges that a doctor performed surgery improperly
  • An author claims that a publisher had broken a contract to publish his book
  • A company claims that its competitor’s product infringed on its patent

If your goal is to find resolution while following in the model provided by God in Scripture and protecting or repairing your relationship, Crossroads Resolution Group can help you on that path.