What is Christian Conciliation?

Resolutions Through God and the Bible

Christian conciliation is a process for reconciling people and resolving disputes out of court in a biblical manner. The process is conciliatory rather than adversarial in nature—that is, it encourages honest communication and with the goal of pursuing peace and harmony rather than unnecessary contention and advocacy.

Christian conciliation typically involves three steps:

  1. One or both parties may receive individual counseling/coaching on how to resolve a dispute personally and privately using biblical principles.
  2. If private efforts are unsuccessful, the individuals may use mediation, a process in which one or more mediators meets with them to promote constructive dialogue and encourage relational reconciliation and voluntary settlement of their differences.
  3. If mediation is unsuccessful, the parties may proceed to Christian arbitration, which means that one or more arbitrators will hear their case and render a legally binding decision.

Types of Disputes in Christian Conciliation

Christian conciliation has been used to settle a wide variety of disputes and relational conflict, including contract, employment, family, personal injury, church, landlord-tenant, real estate, creditor-debtor, and professional conflicts. The monetary claims in these cases have ranged from nothing to several million dollars.

Case examples include:

  • The birth mother of a child wants to reverse an adoption
  • Elders and pastors of a church are locked in conflict
  • A highly conflicted married couple desires reconciliation
  • A family fights over a deceased parent’s estate
  • A husband and wife struggle with an impending divorce
  • A family is frequently disturbed by their neighbors’ barking dog
  • Two ranchers disagree on road right-of-way
  • A divorced couple disagrees constantly over child support and visitation
  • A family is stuck in conflict over a family business

If your goal is to find resolution while following in the model provided by God in Scripture, Crossroads Resolution Group can help you on that path.